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Hallmark Group are the experts in at-risk patient door solutions for New Zealand healthcare projects


Our range of mental health door systems help you to keep staff and patients safe in all areas of your facility. Our engineers and product managers bring valuable experience to this specialist area.

FEATURED PROJECT: Hillmorton Hospital

This Green Star certified project by Leighs Construction, relocates Specialist Health Services from Princess Margaret Hospital to two new facilities at the Hillmorton Hospital campus.


Products Hallmark provided included:

  • Fire Doors

  • Seclusion room security doors

  • Removable doorstop frames

  • Anti-ligature hinges

  • Door top alarms

  • IntaGlaze vision panels

  • SoftDoor anti-ligature ensuite doors

Anti-Ligature & Safety Products Explained

Designing and building at-risk patient facilities requires understanding of best practice for safe patient environments. The below products prevent or significantly reduce the potential for injury by designing out elements with potential for intended, or unintended, harm.

Full mortice geared anti-ligature hinges

Full Mortice Geared Hinges

These are a full height continuous geared hinge running the entire edge of the door leaf without gaps, eliminating ligature risk from gaps between leaf and frame which occurs with standard hinges. Available in single swing or double action swing configurations.

Anti-ligature softdoor

Load Release Anti-Ligature Systems

These are systems designed to release under a specified load. Fixtures which present potential ligature risk, such as curtain tracking, towel rails, or ensuite doors employ a release mechanism (typically magnetic) allowing them to function under normal situations yet when load is applied will release.

Anti-ligature hardware for doors

Fixed Anti-Ligature Products

Many parts of a doorset, such as door handles, grabrails, or vision panel beading, can be a potential self-harm and ligature risk. Anti-ligature products are designed so that it's not possible for a cord-like object to be looped or tied around it.

Anti-ligature softdoor

Weaponry Deterrent

Anything that can be forcefully removed from its location can potentially be used as a weapon by a patient. Products such as the SoftDoor, an ensuite door offering patient dignity while allowing for staff observation, eliminates potential harm if used as a weapon by being lightweight and flexible.

removable door stop for anti-barricade


A significant risk occurs when a patient is behind closed doors with the ability to barricade themselves, and others, away from assistance. Anti-barricade solutions include removable door jambs which allow doors to be opened outward, providing quick emergency access.

Mental Health brochure thumbnail

“The quality is there. It's interesting because of the bespoke nature of the doors, you look at them and probably don't fully understand the level of effort that's gone into it.”

– Graham Osmers, Senior Project Manager, Leighs Construction – Hillmorton Hospital 

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