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Hallmark Group is a leading New Zealand manufacturer of Acoustic Doors

Hallmark Group are experts in acoustic door production, having produced acoustic doorsets for concert halls, cinemas, and recording studios through to schools, hotel rooms, retirement villages and apartments.


We offer a range of acoustic performance doors from STC 25 to 43 and up to STC 55 interconnecting doorsets.


Below are datasheets for our STC40 acoustic-rated door with a 30min fire rating, and our STC41 acoustic-rated door with a 60min fire rating. In addition to the below data sheets, all our fire door data sheets list the potential STC rating, or acoustic rating, for each fire door.

Please note; we do not sell direct to the public. If you are a homeowner or independent builder please direct enquiries to our distributors - see our NZ DISTRIBUTORS here.


We are the only Global Green Tag certified supplier of Acoustic Doors in New Zealand. Our Europa and Futura door brands both have GreenTag certification, meaning they contribute points towards projects seeking to achieve Green Star rating.

Our GreenTag certificate can be found here.

STC40 30 Minute Fire/Acoustic Doors


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STC41 60 Minute Fire/Acoustic Doors


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