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Standard Doors

Our Standard Door range is a collection of stylish doors for residential and commercial use; the largest premium door offering available in New Zealand.

Please note; we do not sell direct to the public.
If you are a homeowner or independent builder please direct enquiries to our distributors - see our NZ DISTRIBUTORS here. If you are an architect or commercial specifier, read on!

The anchor of our standard range is the Flush Panel paint-quality door. These have four core options:

Solid Core
(MDF Core)

The Solid MDF Core is used in standard PQ doors providing strength, rigidity, and thermal & acoustic qualities without the additional weight of particleboard core.

Solid core door MDF core cross section

Solid Core Door Sizing:

1980 x 410mm up to 3600 x 1210mm

Solid Core
(Particleboard Core)

A robust dense core with greater acoustic qualities, the Hallmark solid particle board door is widely used in high-end doors and doors with vision panels.

Solid core door cross section

Solid Core Door Sizing:

1980 x 410mm up to 3600 x 1210mm

Polystyrene Core

Polystyrene core doors are a lighter weight door than Solid Core, still with good strength and thermal & acoustic qualities. These are a cost-effective alternative to Solid Core.

Poly core door cross section

Poly Core Door Sizing:

1980 x 410mm up to 3600 x 2400mm

Hollow Core (Honeycomb Core)

The most common core for residential doors, this is a honeycomb board cell and is lightweight. Hallmark use a thicker and more compact honey comb core than others providing extra rigidity and stability.

Hollow core door cross section

Hollow Core Door Sizing:

1980 x 410mm up to 2700 x 1210mm

Hallmark doors come with 4.75mm premium skins (faces) as standard. All doors over 2700mm high and/or 1210mm wide come with a 6mm skin. Doors will always have the identical skin either side of the core.

All doors under 2700x1210mm have standard thicknesses of 35mm, 38mm or 40mm, however doors can be made to custom thicknesses so please speak with our sales team for special requirements.

See the Hallmark Door Thickness Guide here.

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Oversized and
Specialty Doors

We pride ourselves in being able to satisfy our customer's requirements with our ability to manufacture a vast range of doors.


Large doors require specialist framing techniques and years of manufacturing experience has made us the first choice door supplier for many builders, joiners and pre-hangers across the country.

Doors over 1210mm wide are manufactured with steel inserts on all four sides for stability. We have a range of different door constructions to provide solutions for bespoke requirements.

Steel Clad Doors

Steel Clad Doors

Suitable for:

  • Full exterior use

  • Heavy-duty interior
    use, including:

    • Security

    • Acoustic

    • Industrial

    • Entry level Custodial 

Hallmark steel-clad doorsets are suitable for full exterior use, and for high abuse locations such as public facilities, remote locations, or anywhere where a hard-wearing doorset is required. 

These doors are custom fabricated to suit your specific requirements, and can be fitted with vision panels and louvre options.

Solid core timber leaf with Oil Tempered Hardboard. We have a selection of leaf thicknesses available for all your security and acoustic needs. To prolong the life of the door, head flashings are required for external installations (by others).

Vision Panels

Internal/external glazing available in a wide range of sizes. Multiple vision panels are permitted with different beading options also available (timber and aluminium).


External capping four sides (glue-fixed to prevent water ingress)

1.0mm steel cladding

Oil tempered hardboard

Solid timber core

Please note: vision panels are not available on full exterior doors.


An internal/external quality timber solid core can be clad on each face with a full 1.0mm galvanised steel or HPL/Veneer then capped on all four edges with a 0.7 mm steel folded channels, or aluminium ‘U’ channel.

Single or double rebated, folded steel frames are constructed using 1.6mm steel sheet, with fully welded corners, which are ground flush. Preparations are provided for lock strike plates and door hinges, and other like hardware. Four-sided jambs/sills are available for doors sitting above the floor, or doors requiring a sill.

Powdercoating finish is available using Dulux colour range. For special finishes please speak to one of our sales rep for more information.

Hallmark Steel-Clad doors

Fire Doors

Hallmark is a leading New Zealand manufacturer of certified fire doors. These are classified based on their Fire Resistance Rating (FRR). Typically, this FRR is 30min, 60min and can be up to 120min or even 240min (as it is for rooms housing electricity transformers).


The complete door-set for a fire door includes a jamb that may be made of timber (up to 60min) or steel.


Our fire doors include hinged single and double leaf doors up to 240min and double-action (pivot) single and double leaf doors up to 120 mins, as well as fire-rated sliding doors. Side lights and over panels are available, as are standalone fire windows.


Whatever your project, please contact one of our highly trained engineers to discuss your specific fire door or fire window requirements.

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Fire Door technical page


Healthcare Doors

With over 25 years experience supplying hospitals, medical centres, and hospices, we are experts in door solutions for demanding environments where health, safety and performance are particularly important.

Hallmark are leaders in bi-folding door design, particularly in reduced swing doors, specifically designed for hospitals and rest homes.

We are the only Global Green Tag certified supplier of Hospital Doors in New Zealand.


“The overall performance of Hallmark has been
second to none on this project”

Allan Shortland, Project Manager, Grey Base Hospital – Fletcher Construction

“Barnes and Florin from Hallmark have been
exceptional to deal with”

Matt Soppit, Project Manager, Mercy Hospital Dunedin – Naylor Love

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Hospital Door technical page


Acoustic Doors

The design of the Hallmark Group’s acoustic doors carefully considers all the factors - including mass & stiffness - that affect sound reduction to create a product that performs superbly. 

A door’s acoustical performance is referred to as its sound transmission class (STC). The higher the STC rating, the better the performance.

The Hallmark Group has a specialist range of acoustic door designs up to STC48. It includes fire-rated, single and pair doors and interconnecting door-sets. Please contact our engineers at any time to discuss your acoustic door requirements.

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Acoustic Door technical page


Cavity Sliders

Our cavity systems are an excellent option where space is at a premium, saving almost 1m² of floor area needed for an average swinging door.

Hallmark’s premium cavity sliders are manufactured with high quality components and all cavity sliders are backed by our 10 year warranty

We have two world-class track systems. Our CavZero™ system allows you to remove the sliding door without removing trims or architraves, eliminating any chance of paint damage. It has a minimal space between the top of the door and head track resulting in a modern look with clean lines.

Hallmark Cavity-Slider brochure thumbnail

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Cavity Slider Website

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