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Hallmark Thermal Envelope Doors

NZ Building Code H1/AS1 relates to all housing, and buildings up to 300m2 (and H1/AS2 relates to buildings larger than 300m2). It affects exterior doors and all doors between controlled areas (such as living room, passage, etc) and uncontrolled areas (non-heated areas such as an internal garaging), referred to as the Thermal Envelope.


The required thermal resistance rating, or R-Value, for building thermal envelope doors under H1/AS1 varies depending on where you are in the country:


Thermal Rating of Hallmark Doors

Hallmark doors meet/exceed the R-values required by H1/AS1 as per the below table.

R-values in m2·K/W were independently calculated with ISO 10077-1 using ISO 10077-2 and ISO 6946 and the below R-values in m2·K/W are determined for 38mm thick flush panel door leaf (ie, without glazing) with standard 4.75mm MDF skins.


Note: H1/AS1 applies to exterior doors and doors between a house and garage... not standard interior doors.

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