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As the leading veneer door manufacturer in New Zealand, our highly skilled team have the knowledge and experience to help bring your project to life by creating feature doors to enhance your décor. Every leaf of veneer is hand-selected to ensure your exact requirements are met. We offer colour matched options on request. All doors are available in Hollow core, Solid core or Polystyrene core. All veneer doors are available up to 2700mm high.

Hallmark Group Veneer Doors sustainably sourced

See our Veneer Section to view all species available


Hallmark Veneer Door NZ-HEART-RIMU.png
Rimu - Heart
Hallmark Veneer Door NZ-Pale_Rimu.jpg
NZ Pale Rimu
Hallmark Veneer Door NZ-TAWA.png

Sorry, NZ Tawa is currently unavailable - out of stock

NZ Tawa
Hallmark Veneer Door NZ-COLOUR-RIMU.png
Rimu - Colour
Hallmark Veneer Door SOUTHLAND-SILVER-BEECH.png
Southland Silver Beech
Hallmark Veneer Door SAPELLE-CROWN.png
Sapele (Crown Cut)
Hallmark Veneer Door NZ-ECONOMY-RIMU.png
Rimu - Economy
Hallmark Veneer Door NZ-COLOUR-BEECH.png
NZ Colour Beech
Hallmark Veneer Door SAPELLE-QUARTER.png
Sapele (Quarter Cut)
Hallmark Veneer Door NZ-TOTARA.png
Hallmark Veneer Door ANEGRE-QUARTER.png
Hallmark Veneer Door EUROPEAN-BEECH.png
European Beech
Hallmark Veneer Door AMERICAN-MAPLE.png
American Maple
Hallmark Veneer Door JARRAH.png
Hallmark Veneer Door RADIATA.png
Radiata Pine
Hallmark Veneer Door AMERICAN-WHITE-OAK.png
American White Oak
Hallmark Veneer Door Macrocarpa.jpg
Hallmark Veneer Door EUCALYPTUS OAK.png
Eucalyptus Oak
(Tasmanian Oak)

Core Options

Honeycomb Hollow Core

The most common core for residential doors, this is a cardboard honeycomb cell and is light weight. Hallmark use a thicker and more compact honey comb core than others which provides extra rigidity, impact resistance and stability.

Particleboard Core

The ultimate in strength, acoustic qualities and impact resistance, the Hallmark solid particle board door is widely used in commercial and high-end residential projects.

Polystyrene Core

Polystyrene core doors provide a lightweight door option with improved thermal qualities and impact resistance. Hallmarks solid polystyrene core doors also reduce the transmission of air-borne sound and are a cost effective option to a particle board core.

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