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At Hallmark Group we believe that a successful business is a responsible business – one that considers broader outcomes beyond a single bottom line. We’re a business that values PEOPLE; our staff & whanau, RELATIONSHIPS; with customers & community, and SUSTAINABILITY; enabling a positive future through environmental responsibility & business sustainability.

Key areas of focus within the Hallmark Broader Outcomes CSR framework are:

Hallmark Group Broader Outcomes

Our Values

Integrity | Respect | Accountability | Commitment | Positivity | Vitality | Progressiveness

We place Integrity and Respect at the forefront of our values set. Acting with honesty and principle, and communicating in a friendly constructive way, is the essence of our approach to developing working relationships that are healthy, productive, and positive.


Diversity & Inclusiveness – We celebrate the diversity of our team. We actively foster a culture of gender equality and are determined to be a level playing field for gender opportunity throughout the business. As a family business we’re well aware of the demands of parenting so provide flexibility around work hours to help staff balance their work and home-life commitments.  With more than a dozen ethnicities across all levels of the business we’re a proud cultural potpourri. Ethnicities represented in our permanent team include Pakeha, Māori, Rarotongan, Samoan, English, Irish, German, French, Romanian, Zimbabwean, South African, Dutch, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinian, Chilean, Malaysian, Philippine, Chinese, Australian, and Canadian. The different cultures, beliefs, and life experiences represented by our wider team enriches the character of our business overall. As an equal opportunities’ employer, we welcome all and discriminate against none.


Skills, Training & Development – We align with the principles of NZ Government Procurement Broader Outcomes Rule 18, investing in staff training and development. We encourage professional development and provide financial support for staff embarking on training and upskilling.


Health & Safety, Employee Wellbeing – We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all staff. We meet all health & safety and employment obligations set in NZ Government Procurement Broader Outcomes Rule 19: Improving Conditions for NZ Workers.


Ethical Employment Principles – Hallmark Group takes a zero-tolerance approach to unethical employment practices in our business and our supply chains. We do not allow the practice of holding original documents belonging to employees, such as passports, work permits or birth certificates, and expect everyone working with us or on our behalf to safeguard against modern slavery by recognising that the prevention, detection, and reporting of unethical employment practices is the responsibility of us all. We have zero tolerance for any misuse of entrusted power and are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our conduct.


Community Involvement – Hallmark is involved in community in a number of ways. We contribute with monetary support, and by volunteering, to the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) who provide local, national, and global emergency & disaster relief, health & disability, homelessness, poverty & hardship, and youth programmes.

Educational Support – Hallmark financially supports local schools, and members of our senior leadership regularly give their time to assist with student business studies classes.


Delivering Value, Quality, Dependability, Solutions – Our most important relationship is with our customer. Our business activities revolve around our mission to deliver market-leading products & service, earning the trust of our customers by dependably delivering value and quality.


Sustainability – Hallmark Group is committed to the responsible use of resources. We seek sustainable growth; creating jobs, income, and opportunity for those who work for and with us, while making sure we consider, minimise or eliminate harm to the environment. We acknowledge that our business has an environmental impact, and we are committed to reducing that impact.


Waste Reduction & Recycling – Hallmark Group has aggressive waste reduction targets. We promote principles of waste hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Landfill) to minimise waste and reduce landfill. We recycle our timber waste, wood shavings, polystyrene waste, and MDF waste, with additional cardboard and plastic recycling programmes in development. We align with the waste reduction principles of NZ Government Procurement Broader Outcomes Rule 20.


Hallmark FlyNeutral – All Hallmark business air travel is carbon-neutral. Business flights are an unavoidable part of our work. Wherever practical we’ll replace in-person meetings with virtual ones, however when we do have to fly our policy is to offset our emissions, via the Air New Zealand FlyNeutral scheme, to meet our goal of zero emissions for all work-related flights. 


GreenTag Certification – We're proud to have been independently audited by Global GreenTag, attaining GreenTag certification for our Solid Core Doors, Hollow Core Doors, Europa Fire & Hospital Doors, Futura Fire & Hospital Doors. These certified doors contribute points towards New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) Green Star and Home Star ratings. Global GreenTag is one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised eco-labels.


Supply Chain Responsibility – Supply chain integrity is a key element of our Environmental Management System. We employ an environmentally responsible acquisition policy, promoting environmental responsibility through our contracting and purchasing choices. Our purchasing strives to obtain the best value by considering life cycle environmental impacts along with cost and functional performance.


Certified Timber – Our timber comes from environmentally responsible suppliers. Our NZ native veneer is from MPI-approved sustainably harvested timber in accordance with the NZ Forests Act. Our standard door timber components are pine from sustainable resources. Imported timber for our veneer production carries PEFC, FSC, COC FSC, EcoCert or AFS certification, depending on supplier. Our supplier of MDF board is an Environmental Choice certified NZ company.

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