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Privacy Vision Panels

Privacy vision panel for mental health facilities
Privacy vision panel for mental health facilities

privacy vision panels.

The Hipac IntaGlaze is a tried and tested vision panel that ensures the security and dignity of both staff and patients.
This quiet, manually operated, panel requires no wiring or mains power. It is constructed using three panes of glass, the middle pane of glass moves up and down as required to align or misalign the stripes on the gl
ass. This is a modern and more robust alternative to venetians (with ventians, leaves can become misaligned after being hit whereas the IntaGlaze will not misalign under sustained abuse).

The etched strip on standard vision panels is Pearl however other colours and/or graphic designs are available to brighten rooms up, coordinate with existing colour schemes and can be used to differentiate vision panel from the door. Operating mechanisms are Satin Anodised Aluminium finish as standard.

Privacy vision panel for mental health facilities

privacy visi
on panels.

iGlass electronic blind technology provides privacy and hygiene benefits. iGlass Privacy replaces the need for venetian blinds or curtains which require ongoing cleaning or laundering. Switching can be by touch, switch, motion or voice.

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