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Anti-Ligature Doorsets

Hallmark Group have produced anti-ligature doorsets for a number of New Zealand hospitals and at-risk patient care facilities. These high quality safety doors are produced in our manufacturing facility in Canterbury and accompanying hardware is sourced from the world’s best, such as Intastop and Hipac.

anti-ligature doorset for mental health facilities
anti-ligature doorset for mental health facilities

Full Mortice Anti-Ligature Hinged Doors

In addition to traditional hinged doors we offer full mortice continuous geared anti-ligature SecuraHinge™ doors featuring an anti-ligature tip designed for mitigating ligature risk on single acting doors.


By removing the gap between door leaf and jamb found in traditional hinges, these continuous hinges reduce risk of patient suicide and self-harm. They are tested to 250,000 cycles (the equivalent of 10 years use).

The SecuraHinge™ consists of two full height, paired and geared leaves. Each leaf rotates evenly from top to bottom through a full 180 degrees riding on Delrin-Teflon bearings which minimise potential self-harm in the open state (i.e when rubbing wrist against hinge).

Hallmark have a full range of safety hardware options for these doorsets such as doortop alarms, anti-ligature privacy vision panels and a range of handles, monitoring technology and accessories to help you reduce risk in all areas of your facility.

anti-ligature doorset for mental health facilities
SecuraHinge detail
SecuraHinge detail
SecuraHinge detail

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