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SoftDoor Anti-Ligature Ensuite Door

The SoftDoor reduces ligature risk associated with the ensuite door in this elegantly practical solution designed for safety.

The SoftDoor acts as partial visual screen to preserve user dignity while allowing observation of head and feet to give clinicians peace of mind.

In use, the SoftDoor is user-friendly, it can be treated roughly; if thrown open with significant force it will remain attached yet if abnormal downward load is applied the magnetic hinge will release.

The SoftDoor in use at Hillmorton Hospital with bespoke design to match interior colour & design scheme

Key Features

  • Minimal weapons & ligature risk​ - robust but flexible

  • Durable & easy to clean - high performance dirt resistant vinyl

  • Detatches upon a load of approx. 6-8kg

  • Crib 7 Fire Retardant - Tested to the highest standard, Crib 7 BS5852

  • Offers service user dignity whilst enabling staff observation

  • Artwork: A catalogue of images are available to chose from, or select images from photo libraries such as Shutterstock, or speak to us regarding bespoke ideas to suit your rooms and schemes. Backing colour: one colour available. Bespoke colour options available on request and price on application

  • GREENGUARD vinyl exterior - certified as a low emission product suitable for indoor use. The ink has stretch and durability and is GREENGUARD Children’s and Schools certified. The inks contain no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) or sensitizers, have no VOC’s, requires no special handling, is nontoxic, non flammable and non-combustible. The synthetic polymers used in the inks are non-allergenic

  • Construction: Seams are welded and stitched (using a tamper resistant stitch) for
    additional strength and security. The welded seams protects the foam internals from a
    bsorbing water and moisture

  • Sizing: height up to 1200mm, width up to 1000mm

  • Installation: Door hinges consist of magnets, which are welded and stitched creating a tamper resistant pocket. Hinges attach directly to a standard metal door frame or to separately provided discreet hinge plates. Hinge can be right side or left side to suit room layout and maintain service user privacy​

anti-ligature softdoor for mental health facilities
anti-ligature softdoor for mental health facilities
anti-ligature softdoor for mental health facilities
anti-ligature softdoor for mental health facilities

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