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Hallmark Fire Doors are manufactured to the highest standards and, if used in accordance with our installation and maintenance requirements, assist with meeting the following provisions of Acceptable Solution for Buildings for New Zealand Building Code Clauses C1-C6 Protection from Fire and NZS 4520:2010 - NZ Standard Fire-Resistant doorsets. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with this standard:

Fire Tags

All installed fire rated doorsets must display Hallmark certified fire tags on the doorset (as prescribed below), issued upon receipt and our approval of the Installer Declaration, which must be completed by the installer, verifying correct installation and use of approved hardware to meet NZS4520:2010 and NZBC compliance.

Use and Care

To ensure correct operation and ongoing integrity, check regularly that the door leaf swings freely and hardware is well maintained (refer Care & Maintenance checklist below). Tampering with, or damage to, door seals will void their integrity and may result in them becoming non-compliant. Wedging fire doors open is against the law as this prevents them from functioning as a fire stop door. Fire doors must only be held open on approved magnetic hold open devices.

Pre-Installation Storage & Handling

All doors must be inspected upon arrival for freight damage and visible defects. Hallmark Group must be notified within four days if damage has occurred. Any claims outside of this time frame cannot be recognised. Note:

  • Doors must be stored flat in a clean, dry area away from direct sunlight. A flat MDF cover sheet must be placed on the top door at all times should it be exposed.

  • Warp exceeding 5mm shall be considered a defect on doors up to 2400x910mm.

  • Doors exceeding this size carry no guarantee against warp. Hallmark will accept no responsibility for defective doors when the moisture content of the timber exceeds 18%.

  • Variations in colour are not considered a defect.

  • See Pre-Installation Instructions in Installation section of this document, below.


  • All interior doors must be installed in dry buildings only. Doors installed in situations with excessive air movement (i.e. buildings not at ‘lock up’ stage) void the warranty.

  • Interior doors must not be installed within the direct air movement of an air temperature controller.

  • All doors must have at least three hinges. Doors over 2200mm high must have four hinges.

  • Fire Doors must be installed in accordance with Fire Door Installation Instructions below.


When finishing, ensure the door is dry and free from dust and grime. The two faces and all four edges of the door must be sealed and coated (including lock holes and check outs) within four days of arriving on site. Linseed oil or Linseed oil based products are not to be used on any of Hallmark’s interior doors. Staining is at your own risk.

Hallmark Doors do not accept any liability for the finished quality of a stained door. Coating ‘slump’ on the veneer joins is normal and will not be considered a defect. The manufacturer is not liable for the paint finish.

Ongoing Care & Maintenance

Hallmark interior doors are designed for interior use only and should never be used in a situation subject to exterior conditions, high moisture or high temperature fluctuations.

New Zealand Standards 4520 section 7 is dedicated to the inspection, maintenance and reporting on fire doors. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with this standard by visiting the link above.

Any repair work to the door leaf must be carried out under the instructions of the coating manufacturer.

Monthly maintenance inspections should occur, inspecting:



General condition

Any wear or damage does not affect the functionality of the door. Doors open & close freely without clashing or scraping.

Door swing

Swing area is free of foreign material & obstructions.

Gap between door leaf and jamb

Gaps not to exceed 3 to 4mm at meeting styles and between leaf at head and Jamb. Compliance requires the gap between door leaf and top of floor coverings to be no greater than 10mm.

Fire, smoke and acoustic door seals

Seals to each edge of door leaf and frame are not damaged or missing (Replace if missing).

Latch & Lock

Check the self-latch works when the door self-closes. Ensure lock operates correctly.

Vision Panel

Glass not damaged and beading secure.


All fittings tight and function freely. Has additional non-compliant hardware been added or complying hardware been removed or altered in any way post installation declaration sign off.


Check hinges operate smoothly. Check for wear and tear. Ensure protective coating is not damaged.


Are signs visible and correctly placed. Are Fire Tags visible & correctly installed.


Hallmark doors carry a five-year warranty provided all storage, handling, finishing and installation instructions are followed.

Hallmark doors are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials, specifically delamination of veneer, or clashings, separation of the skin from the core, veneer splits and excessive distorting from tolerance.

The manufacturer will not be held responsible for additional charges of hanging, painting or other charges arising from the replacement of doors.

Acceptable tolerances for door leaf:

  • +/- 2.0 mm for width, height and thickness

  • +/- 3.0 mm for squareness across the diagonal of the door

  • +/- 5.0 mm for twisting or bowing

Conditions & Limitations

The warranty does not apply if:

  • Damage is caused by normal wear and tear or by circumstances outside of Hallmark Doors control.

  • Installation, storage, handling, maintenance, uses or repairs are not carried out under the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Extra facings such as mirrors, MDF, veneer panelling or similar products are affixed to any face of the door, post manufacture. Other laminate products such as HPL and vinyl will require prior approval from Hallmark.

  • Information and specifications may change without notice.

  • Timber colours and grain patterns may vary from those illustrated in our brochure.

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