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Your Hallmark door has a water-resistant UV primer which has been applied in a factory-controlled environment. UV primer is proven to provide better protection than alternative coatings and prevents moisture from entering the door, therefore drastically reducing the risk of doors bowing. This coating is compatible with the common water and solvent based coatings used through-out NZ. Before painting, there are some very important steps you must follow to ensure a premium result on the finished product: -


Thoroughly check for any scratches or damage that may have occurred during transit or whilst on site. If the factory applied UV primer coating has been penetrated, then this must be sealed with a solvent based coating. Particularly look out for ‘hairline’ scratches in the coating. As the UV primer coating is very water-resistant, applying a water-based coating over any hairline scratch will cause the coating to seep through the scratch and into the MDF. The UV primer will then prevent the moisture from the water-based coating from evaporating during the drying process which will cause the MDF to swell around the scratch.



The UV primer coat does not require sanding to ensure adhesion of good quality paints. To prepare the door for painting and to ensure it is free of any contaminates, apply methylated spirits to a cloth and clean the entire door surface on both sides. If the door surface has been damaged on site (e.g. plaster on the face of the door) this will need to be removed and may require sanding. Should you ever need to sand this door only use 400g sanding pads or finer. Ensure you sand lightly and do not scratch the coating. Hallmark Group recommends using a solvent based sealer coat wherever sanding has occurred.


Hallmark Group, in conjunction with our UV paint supplier and major paint manufacturers, has established the following primers as recommended to be applied on our factory applied UV coating in order to achieve a quality paint finish.

  · Dulux Precision Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer
  · Resene Sureseal Water Borne Pigmented Sealer
  · Dulux One Step Prep Superior Multi Surface Undercoat
  · All Oil/solvent Based Primers

Any deviation from the above listed primers may result in an inferior paint finish which Hallmark Group will not be held accountable for.


Time has moved on and modern primers do not require the same high level of coat weight that the primers of old required. Less is more. A heavy coating may cause ‘mud-cracking’ in the coating and will prolong the drying process, particularly in cold or humid conditions. Undercoat/primer/sealer must be used, it is not suitable to apply topcoat directly to the UV primer without prior testing.


UV primer is very water resistant (almost impervious) so will not allow further coats to absorb through the primer and into the MDF. You must allow sufficient drying time between coats otherwise trapped moisture will cause imperfections in the finished product. Drying times will differ due to temperature, humidity, ventilation, paint specification and coat weights etc.


Hallmark Group recommends using solvent based coatings when temperatures are cold
or humidity is high. Water based coatings may not evaporate and imperfections in the coating can occur.


If the above points are followed you will have a premium finish on your door. Hallmark Group accepts no liability whatsoever for the finished quality of a painted door and will not be held accountable for any incurred costs associated with poor painting practice or if the above instructions and recommendations are not followed.

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