Hallmark Reduced Swing
Double Action Doorset

This is the double action version of our standard Reduced Swing doorset. It pivots both ways, making it ideal for patients in wheelchairs or walking frames to open the door from either side with ease. It allows push or pull action from either side, offering the least resistance and optimum ease of use.


Featuring an innovative bi-directional hinge, the HHD202 reduced swing door concertinas in on itself, reducing swing arc by a third of that of a standard door. 

Double or single action door

The above shows DOUBLE action doorsets. These are also available as single action - see spec HHD201 for single action details.


Two panel articulated door
Door swing follows an elliptical curve, reducing door swing by one-third of conventional doors

Fits a standard door frame
Wall space is not compromised. Reduced door swing uses less floor space - perfect for constrained space

Locally designed and manufactured
Designed and manufactured in NZ specifically for NZ requirements

Non-Trap Operating Gear Design
Unlike other reduced swing door options available in the NZ market, the Hallmark double action reduced-swing doorset utilises
non-trap operating gear, meaning no large gaps are created by the door pivot, significantly reducing trap-risk.


Clear opening

  • 900mm (excluding door furniture projection)

  • 1200mm clear opening available

  • Specific custom width dimensions can also be achieved

Leaf Facing Options

  • MDF

  • HPL

  • Timber Veneer

  • Metal Sheet

  • OTHB

  • Stainless Steel

  • Hardboard

  • Plywood

Door Jamb Options

  • Grooved or architrave timber frame (finished to suit wall thickness)

  • Standard steel frame

  • 2-piece steel frame (unique Hallmark design for easy of installation)

Timber Frame Profiles

Architrave (AT)

Gib Grooved (GG)

Negative Detail (ND)

Steel Frame Profiles

Standard Steel Frame (STT1)

2-Peice Steel Frame (ST2P)

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